Universal Studios Silverio World (Silverish: Shantsa Univentisala de Mundo le Silverio World) is an amusement park located in Chante, Lochena. It is best known for being the most-visited amusement park outside ParkLand. It is a 236 acre theme park with a studio tour and 94 rides and attractions. It opened in 1954.

Theme park areasEdit


The entrance area of the park.


Ride Manufacturer Description
Backdraft (1993-present) Universal Creative Dark ride themed to the movie
Studio Tour (1954-present) HMG (current vehicles) Tour tram ride.
The Simpsons Ride (2009-present) Kennol Motion simulator ride
Buena Vista Trolley (2007-present) Kennol Pacific Electric Car-like ride.
Monorail (1980-present) Universal Mobility Monorail with station here.

Lost WorldEdit

The dinosaur-themed area of the park. It links New York and Front Street. It opened in 1990.


Ride Manufacturer Description
Jurassic Park Mine Train (1997-present) Changha Zongsha Amusement Equipment Train ride to the dinosaur country

Dinosaur Mick (1990-present)

Intamin Pirate ship ride shaped as a Velociraptor crate.
Dinosaur-Go-Around (1990-present) Zierer Spinner ride.
Junior Casserole Chairlift (1980-present) Alchobbat Kansho Co. Ltd. Charlift ride. Northern terminus of N-S route. Western terminus of W-E route
Jurassic Park River Adventure (1994-present) Vekoma Shoot the Chutes ride. Highlight of the area

Spooky CoveEdit

The spooky part of the park. It is themed after the 1984 film The Nightmare On Elm Street. It is not recommended for children under the age of seven because of violent and spooky scenes that may scare children. It links Front Street and Future.


Ride Manufacturer Decription
House of Horrors (1987-present) none Haunted walking tour. Not recommended for children under 12.
Dracula: The Ride (1987-present) Kennol Roller coaster ride. Themed to the film Dracula (1931) with backwards features.
Monorail (1980-present) Universal Mobility Monorail with station here.
Ring-O-Round: Spooky Edition (1987-present) Hanhou Ride Co. Themed copy of standard Ring-O-Round ride.
Ghost Maze (2004-present) none Maze. Popular during Halloween Horror Nights.
Termites! (1987-2000) Kennol Kennol Paraglider roller coaster. Demolished for Danger Zone Playing Ground

New YorkEdit

New York is the New York theme area of the park. Clearly the best rides in the park are located here and neighboring Egypt.


Ride Manufacturer


King Kong Attack (2008-present) Kennol Roller Coaster ride themed to King Kong (1976). Design is based on Kennol Reversing Coaster. How it works: First the car turns toward a reversing section and approaches a turntable. Next the car is hooked (locked) to the turntable to prevent the car from falling off the track (as it's tilted) and sits idly. Then the ride stops for 15-30 seconds. Finally the turntable revolves to the next track section and eventually the hook releases the car to that section.
Malistoba (2003-) Setpoint Roller coaster ride. The ride is a dueling coaster with loop and heartline roll. How it works: Similar in ride physics to the Splitting coaster in RCT3.
Talistoba (2003-) Setpoint Same as above.