Smtrc ratings

The rating symbols.

The Silverish Movie & Television Rating Council (Silverish: Moveno et Televiste Councilio del Rating ote Silverio World) is the national film & television progam rating system for Silverio World. The symbol, a oval above a line, is shown in the trailer for the film on the title card, or at the end of the credits of a film. Inside the oval is one of either seven ratings:

  • Y: Made for Children. Family Friendly. Appropriate for everyone, especially children. One Example: Disney films, Athol Films productions, and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls series.
  • Y8: Suggested for Older Children. Contains scenes unsuitable for children under 8. Children under 8 should watch with parents. One Example: Transformers (1986).
  • G: General Audiences. Everyone admitted (only applies to family-friendly live-action films) One example: The Secret Life of Osora.
  • PG: Parental Guidance. Some scenes not aproppriate for children. One Example: Shamenu.
  • M12: Parents Cautioned. Children under 12 should watch with parents. Mainly has little or no violence, sex scenes, or language. One example: Geek Charming.
  • M15: Parents Strongly Cautioned. Children under 15 cannot see film or program without an adult 18 or older. Mainly has little to medium violence, sex scenes, language, or little dialogue. Example: Planet Silverio Attacks series
  • MA18: No One Under 18 Admitted. Children cannot see film. Mainly includes violence, sex/nudity scenes, language, and dialogue at many points. Example: Sil-Horror films.

Creation of the SM&TRCEdit