Sunset Valley
Las Vegas Strip2
Sunset Valley
Map Sunset Valley
Location in Soldina. Sunset Valley is inside the red square.
Vital statistics
Location Sanda County, Soldina, Silverio World
Inhabitants 1,230,290 (2012) (city)

8,665,290 (2012) (metro)

Sunset Valley is a city in Silverio World, in the province of Soldina. It is the 9th largest city in Silverio World.


Sunset Valley was founded in 1783 by Bectar Evans, the grandson of Leur Evans, Jr, who is the grandson of Leur Evans, the person that discovered Silverio World Island. When it was settled, Sunset Valley was frozen coastline.

Population Edit

The population as of 2013 is 1,290,249.

Population of Sunset Valley in the last 100 years
Year Population
1900 898
1910 10,305
1920 15,200
1930 30,423
1940 30,535
1950 85,305
1960 103,233
1970 303,553
1980 430,333
1990 630,398
2000 833,320
2010 1,008,390
2013 1,230,290

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