File:File:Flag of Soldina.png

Capital (and largest City)


Previous names

The Soldinan Kingdom (1420-1873)
Republic of Soldina (1874)


141,270,327 (2012 Soldinan Census)

Year Admitted to Silverio World

1875 (27th province)

Current Governor

Othena Parul (1997-)

Soldina is a large province in Region 5, Silverio World. With a population of 141,270,327 as of 2013, it is the most populated province of Silverio World. Out of Silverio World's largest cities, 18 of them are in Soldina and have populations of at least 750,000.


Soldina roadmap towns

Soldina's Road network with city names. L-roads are in green, SR-roads in yellow, and E-roads in blue.

Soldina's road network is the largest in Silverio World.