The Silverish Internet Censorship Act (SICA) is a bill created by King Reuben VII to enforce the Internet. It was created on January 5, 2006, effective January 19, 2006.


The purpose of the bill is to enforce the web and to take down sites with inappropriate, racist, or pornographic content. 


SICA vs. InstagramEdit

Instagram, a photo sharing website, is very popular in the country. In early 2012, more and more people posted up nudity pictures on the site. The Silverish government was forced to take down the photos. November of 2012, King Shaun II ordered the removal of Instagram on the web. Metroworld followed suit.

January 5, 2013 - Instagram is under the control of SICA. SICA ordered Instagram to remove the app from every app store around the world. (Its still on DNET)

January 15, 2013 - Instagram is censored for the following reason: Failure to report images to SICA.

SICA vs. YouTubeEdit

SICA 2.0Edit

The Second Revision of the Silverish Internet Censorship Act (SICA 2.0) was passed by King Ruhan II on January 17, 2016. It increases enforcement of the SICA to the justice system. For example, a person can be jailed for five years just for posting threatening messages online, repeatedly.