Silwiki protect sysop
Silwiki protect sysop

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Welcome to Silverio Wiki. This page will introduce you to the rules and policies of Silverio Wiki, as well as how we came to be. Also, the Terms are useful in how you can contribute to the site in a positive way.


Silverio Wiki is a wiki that gathers information about Silverio World, Metroworld, Brokenhall and Yidana and other worlds created by Silverio himself. This site, as of August 19, 2017 at 20:06 UTC, has 131 articles and 221 files and counting. Silverio Wiki has been online since October 4, 2009, and is currently in its seventh year. Our site was created as a response to the frequent blocking of Silverio 2's account on Wikipedia at the time, and several contributing factors that led to the creation of this site. When you start contributing to this site, please read this first, and if not, find it by clicking the TERMS OF USE button on the navbar at the top.


Silverio Wiki began operations in October 2009. It was started by Silverio Goodwin, whose screen name on the site is Silverio 2 on Wikia. Our site back then had only a few dozen articles. By 2010, our site was ready to take off, and we started creating lots of new articles. We were the first wiki to get the new look, and Silverio Wiki was ready. However, not everyone was impressed on our site. In April 2011, a user named Nsponge20 (now AquaAngryBirdsFan) started blanking every page on the wiki, causing Silverio 2 to block her and adding protection status to some pages. Because of this, we went on break in the summer of 2011. 

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