Silverish Broadcasting Company
SBC 2016


April 16, 1926 (radio)
3 May 1941 (television)


Television network and Former radio network


Your TV. My TV.

Sister networks:

SNT, RTN, Bellado Channel


250 Danube Ave., Torrena City, Lochena, Silverio World

Parent company:

SBC Lochena Holdings Co. Ltd.

Area Served:

All of Silverio World (including territories)

Notable Program(s):

True Lives (1992-1997)
LIFE: Your guide to Silverio World with Andrew Newton (2004-present)
SBC News (1942-present)
Silverio World Idol (2003-present)

Silverio Broadcasting Company (Silverish: Televisia Silverio Compania) is a Silverish television network headquartered in Torrena City, Lochena. The television channel launched on July 23, 1941 in a bomb shelter in Torrena City during World War II as a WWII newsreel company by Tecere Natze and Mek Ashberg.


Sbc logo history

SBC logo history.

In 1937, the Silverish government was running out of funds for television making.

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