Directed by

Josh Benton


Teresa Sanchez
Jennifer Rhodes
Alam Lompart
Gina Delson
Daisy Hando
Gantre McDonnel
and many more.


Boca Pictures

Distributed by

Boca Pictures Distribution

Release Dates

June 24, 2011 (SIL)
June 30, 2011(USA, EUR)
TBA (A & NZ)

Filming Locations

Evergreen Gardens Park, 6641 South Central Road, Parkland, SCR PL 561
Silverio Studios


The Ultimate Ride of You Life.

MPAA Rating

Rated PG-13 for intense sequence of roller coaster incidents and violence.


Planet Silverio Attacks! 2: Destruction of the Moon


Planet Silverio Attacks! 4: Graduation

Planet Silverio Attacks 3 (Silverish: Planeta Destructicana Silveritan 3: Rollecosta Dieat Seru) is a 2011 Silverish 3D movie directed by Josh Bentorn. It was released in Silverish theaters in 3D & IMAX 3D on June 24, 2011.


Four years after the UFO attacks, Claudia (Jennifer Rhodes) and three friends come for a visit to Evergreen Gardens Park. The ride many of the rides in the park and then stop by at the Senor 500 roller coaster. Claudia has a vision that the roller coaster will crash and fail, killing everyone.

Monday. The gang spy on Julie's (Teresa Sanchez) carrots. The girls eat the carrots. She says, "Huh?"

Tuesday. The quad head over to the Santa Monica Pier. They see a UFO. The martians level the pier, causing it to collapse into the water. The roller coaster and ferris wheel fall apart. Julie looks at the roller coaster. She falls into the water.

Later, Claudia and her parents travel on the New Sunnydream Bridge. A beam of light travels toward the bridge and causes it to melt. It collapses, with Claudia and her father stranded. She cannot grab on and then immediately falls. His father failed to rescue her, causing her to fall 725 feet from the support towers and into the water below.