Planet Silverio Attacks 2: Destruction of the Moon

Directed By

Montrea Bonga


Claudia McMaree
Alan Lompart
Nagatu Hiirya
Whasa Jakata
and many more...


Silverio Land Studios

Distributed by

Boca Pictures

Release dates

October 1, 2010(SIL)
October 8, 2010 (USA, CAN, EUR)
October 15, 2010 (AUS, NZ)


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Planet Silverio Attacks!


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Planet Silverio Attacks 2: Destruction of the Moon (Silverish: Attackus Planeta Silverio 2: Leva Destructionicana la Luna) is the sequel to the 2009 film Planet Silverio Attacks!. It was released in theaters on October 1, 2010 in Silverio World.


Two years after the UFO attacks, Claudia and Jamie are in New York City in the middle of a traffic jam. Within five minutes (11:20 into the film) several UFOs appear and cause trouble. UFOs destroy New York and many people are killed within the process. The two run west on 42nd Street. One of the UFOs turns towards them on 42nd street, scaring them. Claudia asks Jamie to help her destroy the UFO. Jamie climbs up onto the UFO and takes the alien's gun and throws it at Claudia. When Jamie jumps off the UFO, Claudia shoots the alien and his UFO. A celebration follows between the two; however, the NYPD arrests them for murder of aliens.

The following day (Sunday), the school dance remains in pieces and the principal (Luke Dallas) decides to cancel the dance. Many students mourn the students that died during the gym demolition and cry in response. One of the students, Julie, cries over the fact her boyfriend was killed in the gym demolition. When the principal tries to calm her down, she leaves. Several of Julie's friends, Sana, Maria and Hanna, who are seventh-grade students, try to comfort her. Julie explains to them she can't handle the fact her boyfriend was killed and she wants him back. Julie leaves and her friends follow her.

The next day, Claudia finds a bomb on the street. Feeling suspicious, she decides to take it to NASA headquarters in Cape Canaveral. When she makes it there, she is asked for arrival. Claudia decides to go to their research laboratory and a man there confirms it's a alien tumor. However, while she's there, she learns that the Silvertians are heading for East Asia. Concerned about the safety of the people there, Monda (Elmer Allermore), decides to have NASA build a massive spaceship capable of reaching epic distances. The government turns down Monda's idea, stating it is too expensive.

In Shanghai, 13-year-old Yuming (Li Hansong) is at the airport getting ready to go to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics, the biggest event of the year. However, as she leaves for the plane, she sees UFOs zip right past the planes. The UFOs destroy Pudong International Airport, killing many people and causing Yuming to run for her life. Many other people also run for their lives. Yuming heads for the maglev train, hoping she will escape the destruction. She makes it and the train leaves. Unfortunately, her parents are killed by the Silvertians, causing Yuming to cry. However, the UFO follows the maglev train to Shanghai, thinking they could get to the city if the follow it. As a result, the UFO destroys the track near the S-20 Highway, causing a hole in the track. The maglev train, going SO fast it can't stop, flies off the rails and kills everyone onboard, including Yuming.

The next day, Monda learns about what happened in Shanghai. The US government wants to help the Chinese people, but refuse because the PLA is fighting back against the UFOs. We go back to Shanghai where the PLA is doing just that. Fearing that the UFOs will invade Beijing, the 2008 Olympics is suspended. The Chinese government, attempting to kill off the UFO spread, declares martial law. Back in Shanghai, many people run and scream for their lives, and the Bund is used by the PLA to kill the aliens. The PLA's strategy was to fire the artillery at the aliens, then get on the Shanghai Bridge (Shanghai Nampu Bridge in real life) to reach Pudong and face off the UFOs there. However, the UFOs destroy the bridge, preventing them from getting to Pudong. However, a fatal mistake was made while the UFOs were moving in. An artillery shell was misfired, causing the Shanghai World Financial Center to fall down. Thousands are killed and the PLA loses the battle.

A month later, Hang-kyeun (Tamogochi Makara) and her family are in Hong Kong. She sees a UFO. The people run away for their lives. When driving under the tunnels, the tunnel floods, drowning Hang-kyeun and many around her. The skyscrapers collapse and are destroyed by Martians and Silvertians. Hong Kong is gone.

Later, Many people in the town of Hangchen see a UFO. They run. UFOs destroy the houses and buildings, killing everyone around them. The town is attacked.

Wednesday. The Martians and Silvertians are on a collision course. They decide to level Seoul. They drop computer chips which later turn into giant tornadoes. They level the city, destorying it and killing many living there.