File:File:PARKLAND logo.png



First park

MovieWorld, 1961

Latest park opening

ParkLand Plaza

ParkLand (Silverish: Le Parkland) is a megaresort that includes 35 theme parks, 28 hotels, 5 swimming pools, 3 upcoming parks, and 7 golf courses. It is the largest park resort in the world. The resort first opened with MovieWorld on April 16, 1961. Since then, 34 other theme parks opened 25 miles east of MovieWorld.

List of ParksEdit

Major parksEdit

  • MovieWorld
  • Evergreen Gardens Park
  • Silverio Theme Park
  • ParkLand Disneyland
  • Walibi ParkLand (Six Flags ParkLand, 1974-2009)

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