File:File:Flag of Metroworld.png
File:File:metroworld states labels.png

Capital (and largest City)



2012: 253,305,678

Official Languages:

Nudi (Nudua Province)

National Anthem:

Meigoru Esu Meiwondo! (Great Power Metroworld!)

Time zone:

Metroworld Standard Time (UTC -10)
Western Metroworld Standard Time (UTC -11)
Pacific Standard Time (Caldera Province, UTC -8)


Ruling Party: Communist Party of Metroworld
Legistlature: Mushrundi National Congress
Leader: Meise Coor (president)
Jonbega Donoa (Head of the Communist Party)


1821 as the Republic of Metroworld
1953 as West Metroworld
1984 as the Socialist Republic of Metroworld

Calling code:


Internet TLD


Drives on the

Right side

The Socialist Republic of Metroworld (Mushrundi: Metroworld in mushrundi, literaly Meiwondo), commonly called Metroworld is a country located on the western half of the Metroworld-Brokenhall island. The eastern half of the island belongs to Brokenhall. The nation's economy is one of the biggest in the world, even though Metroworld's GDP is decreasing.

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