High World
High World Metroworld (Latin Mushrundi: Hei hei mo no se hu ma toro ne te ro Me no wo Hie Wonde Monjorwa) is an amusement park located 4 miles north of Pnka, in the city of Sunny Dunes. The park has 18 (as of 2012) roller coasters and 3 water rides. A water park, High World Harbour, has seperate admission fee, although it is within park gates. The park opened in 1854 as Kiddy Kingdoms Picnic Park. With a monorail built in 1986 the parks merged into one, creating High World Metroworld.


The park has eight themed lands, with a ninth opening in 2013: Enter Street, Sky Carnival, Hidden Forests, Kiddies Kingdom (original area), The Showtime District, Thunder Quarry, Splashwater Lagoon, Spaceport, and My Little Pony Land. Each land has a collection of themed attractions.

Power PassEdit

Power Pass is High World's virtual queue system. Guests are given a card when purchasing Power Pass to be used infinite times.

iPads & TabletsEdit

iPads are available for purchase at the main gate or one of the guide locations in the park. They cost R10 more than the regular park maps due to the availability.