Greater Haundrea Region
Haundrea skyline
Soldina roadmap greater haundrea


Silverio World



Largest City


Population (2012)

39,920,346 (total of main cities)
113.2 million (surronding areas, including main cities, suburbs and rural areas)


Haundrea, Rovis, and Susgana Counties


420 km2 x 320 km2

Haundrea skyline


Katakana skyline

Kaknatoba, Soldina

Wenag skyline

Wenag, Soldina

Askan skyline

Askan, Soldina

Las Vegas Strip2

Sunset Valley, Soldina

Katakana suburbs 1

Jonea, Soldina

Kanataga view

Kanataga, Soldina

The Greater Haundrea Region refers to the area consisting of Haundrea and its surrounding areas. Nearly 80% of Soldina's population lives in the Greater Haundrea. It is the second-largest metropolitan region in Silverio World, behind Tianin. The economic GDP of Greater Haundrea is higher than Japan and South Korea combined. However, the region is extremely overcrowded, with a population density of 42,770 people per kilometer!


Main CitiesEdit

  • Haundrea (11,088,437)
  • Kaknatoba (3,226,497)
  • Wenag (883,254)
  • Sunset Valley (8,655,290)

Secondary CitiesEdit

  • Jonea, Soldina
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4


The Greater Haundrea is the most urbanized region in Silverio World. It has a robust and powerful economy.


Main article: Haundrea, Soldina

Haundrea is the capital of Soldina. As a fact it is the main manufacturing, financial, and cultural hub of the region and Soldina. The city is also the home of many banking companies in Silverio World, including Central Bank. Dosha and Vamiva's have their flagship department stores in the city.


Kaknatoba is the fifth largest city in Soldina. It is also a major economic region. It is a major trade gateway between Haundrea and the Pacific Ocean. Also the fishing and mining industries flourish here. The area is a major trade region, connecting Haundrea with Sunset Valley, Hanlin, and the ocean.

Sunset ValleyEdit

Main article: Sunset ValleyEdit

Sunset Valley is the second-largest city in Soldina. The main industries here are entertainment, tourism and shipping. The city is home to many casino megaresorts, popular with many Greater Haundrea spring-breakers and international tourists. It is also the tourist hub of Soldina. Another important industry is shipping, with hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo shipped here every year.


Wenag, despite its population of 800k, is just up the river of Haundrea. The city is a Central Business District, meaning it is a major economic area. The Soldinan Stock Exchange is located here. It is a very wealthy city, with the average income of SP 35,250/mo.



Because of the massive size of the region, each city may have more than one affiliate of SNT and the other networks. The main SNT affiliate in Haundrea is on Channel 9 (KXNT-DTV), Kaknatoba on Channel 17 (KGXN-DTV), and Sunset Valley on Channel 3 (RGXT-DTV). SBC has four affiliates in the region: Haundrea Channel 11 (KSBX-DTV), Kaknatoba Channel 5 (KBBX-DTV), Sunset Valley Channel 2 (RSVC-DTV), and Wenag Channel 19 (KBHC-DTV). TVN has two affiliates in the region: Haundrea Channel 4 (KTVR-DTV), and Sunset Valley Channel 7 (KXEX-DTV). RTN has only one network in the area: Haundrea Channel 8 (KGRT-DTV).


mHz Haundrea Kaknatoba Sunset Valley Wenag

SolSoa 87.7


- - -



KanTag 88



Relaxation FM

88 (Classic)


Soul DFM



Sunrise Sunset

88 (Dance)

88.5 - -

Retro Radio 88.5

(Old Hits)


Clasico FM


- - -



Haundrea has a subway and streetcar system.

Haundrea subway

Line 3 Subway in Haundrea, at the Coga Street station.

Haundrea tram

Streetcar in Haundrea, travelling on Argah Street in Silverio Falls


Katakana monorail construction

Kaknatoba Monorail under construction, expected to open in 2016. This photo shows the monorailnear Shallows, a suburb of Kaknatoba.

Kaknatoba has a monorail under construction, in addition to the subway and light rail. The monorail will open in 2016 with 12 stations.


Wenag freeway

The L-47 Freeway entering Wenag CBD.

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