Trivia Edit

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Cruise Ship Sinking Edit

  • First episode
  • The episode is a spoof of the famous Titanic accident in 1912.
  • One of the sets is taken from The Suite Life on Deck.

Theme Park Rampage Edit

  • Second episode (third in production order)
  • The amusement park featured is the Silverio Theme Park in ParkLand.
  • Second disaster to happen at an amusement park (first was in the Magic Park (unnamed park in Walt Disney World))
  • The episode is a spoof of a similar episode of Primeval.
  • The music at the beginning of the episode is a car horn version of "Drum Beat 75" popularized by Kalhe Masu in the 1960s.

Earthquake At School Edit

  • Third episode (second in production order)
  • Second disaster at Sepulveda Middle School (first was the end of the movie)
  • In the original airing, the scene where Mocon is in class is at the beginning is used. In all other airings, the scene is replaced by a music video called "So Happy" by Fun People (actually the students at the school).
  • There are many scenes of people getting killed. These scenes have since been cut.
  • The scenes where the school hallways being destroyed were actually models and not real life. This may be due to the fact that they would be banned if done in real life.
  • The students are adults once again.

Toxic Traffic Jam Edit

  • Fourth episode
  • The entire episode was filmed during Carmageddon, and Carmageddon was an event which involved the closing of I-405 between I-10 and US-101 to demolish the Muloholland Bridge.
  • The helicopters showing traffic jams on I-10 was actually in real life.

UFO in Las Vegas Edit

  • Fifth episode

Tokyo Tsunami Edit

  • Sixth episode

Tornado Twisters Edit

  • Seventh episode

Giant Fire Storm Destroying Los Angeles Edit

  • Eighth episode

New Year's Hell Edit

  • Ninth episode

Huge Hurricane Destroys Louisiana Edit

  • Tenth episode (eighth in production order)

My Fair Volcano Edit

  • Eleventh episode

Goofs and Errors Edit

Season 1 EpisodesEdit

Cruise Ship Sinking Edit

  • Actually icebergs cannot get bigger, they break away into the sea, thus raise the sea level.
  • The captain says, "There aren't enough lifeboats to take away all the passengers out to sea!". This is against the law, as all modern cruise ships need to have enough lifeboats to take passengers out to sea. The RMS Titanic is one cruise ship to have little or no lifeboats.
  • Ice cannot freeze and get bigger on a hot sunny day.

Theme Park Rampage Edit

  • The park is named Six Flags. Actually it is Silverio Theme Park in ParkLand.
  • Six Flags parks in real life, along with many other theme parks, do not have profanity in the names of the rides. This will cause bad reputation and result in the park to close down permanently.
  • The names of the rides are as follows:
    • Super Coaster
    • Dumb and Boring Kid Ride
    • Stupidhead Movers
    • Stupid Tours
    • I don't Care about this &$#@ ride
    • Pornated Mansion
    • Tidalface Falls
  • The bear looks ugly and resembles a short-headed bear.
  • In one scene, Mocon says, "Look, Yoshen! It's a dog!". Mocon is wrong, it is not a dog, but it barks like one. This could be because Mocon wasn't concentrating and said the line too soon. This line, along with the scene in which the grizzly bear is barking at the guests has become an internet meme.
  • It would be impossible for a bear to eat roller coaster track.
  • How can a bear jump to Six Flags in just 2 seconds?
  • There is an amusement park owned by Six Flags in California, the park is called Magic Mountain, and it is not flat; it has a hill as it icon. That park is in a desert, not a forest as shown.
  • The bear eats a park visitor and throws him toward a trashcan. This is not possible, the bear can eat a human, but it cannot throw it into the air due to the fact that bears are heavy and can only throw it a short centimeter.
  • In one scene Mocon shouts "Wow!! I want to ride the Super Coaster!!!". But later they ride Dumb And Boring Kid Ride. Maybe Mocon probably rode it earlier.
  • After Mocon shouts excitedly "WOW! Six Flags!!", the Stormrunner is going the wrong way around. This may be because the film reel was rewinding.
  • In May 2018, Six Flags actually SUED Car Toon Productions for using the Six Flags name without their permission. As a result, the episode was edited so that any references to Six Flags were cut out.

Earthquake At School Edit

  • The shaking looks REALLY choppy.
  • At The Society, they said the earthquake is measured 7.6 on the Richter scale. However, the quake has caught up higher later on.
  • In one scene, on the bottom left, on the ground, if you look carefully there is a notebook paper saying "BE HAPPY OR DIE!". Immediately after a student steps on it and it rereads: I LUV U followed by an emoticon.
  • The teacher is wrong about the subject they are learning; he says "That's right! Cheetahs are the only animals in the world to run fast." Pronghorn antelopes, wildebeests and lions also run fast.
  • In the music video at the beginning of the episode Mocon is seen kissing, flirting, and doing gossip. The latter is not allowed in public institutions, such as schools and may result in suspension. This was cut in the original airing.
  • The school's students are adults, just like the movie. This may be due to the fact Dante did not want 11-year old students, as seeing children getting killed would result in controversy.

Toxic Traffic Jam Edit

  • The vehicle Jaboh and Hank are driving is a Silverish-model Danha-Paparrel T1 - it's in kilometers and has little or no airbags, just like many vehicles produced during the 1990s.
  • Toxic waste cannot damage infrastructure, such as railings and signs.

UFO in Las Vegas Edit

  • Mocon should not stand REALLY close to the World Trade Center when it was destroyed.
  • Cheesy factor: The special effects look really cheap and jarring.
  • In one scene, Mocon is seen playing with slot machines and poker. She is not old enough to do this (unlike real life).
  • The Society is wrong about the UFO location mentioned. 66 miles southeast of Las Vegas is in northwestern Arizona.

Tokyo Tsunami Edit

  • A boat cannot drive thorugh a tsunami, but it could if experienced.
  • The tsunami doesn't look like it is destroying Tokyo. The special effects are very slobby.

Tornado Twisters Edit

  • The episode title is misspelled, saying "Tornado Twsters", not "Tornado Twisters". It has since been fixed.
  • The whole episode was shot in Lumpura, Bombodia. The landscape used doesn't look like Oklahoma:
    • All of the landscape is forest.
    • Tornadoes are rare in Lumpura.
    • Oklahoma City has an ocean (due to being filmed in Lumpura).

Giant Fire Storm Destroying Los Angeles Edit

  • The mountains of Los Angeles has desert, not woodlands.
  • Fires can happen while camping. But it could not happen in epic scale.
  • Once again, cheap, slobby, rushed special effects.

New Year's Hell Edit

  • Yoshen is using Worldpedia, a pun on Wikipedia, on an article titled "2012 New York City earthquake." No such article exists, as it did not happen.
  • The episode was filmed months before New Years Eve.
  • The ending scene was very cheaply done.

Huge Hurricane Destroys Louisiana Edit

  • The entire episode is a spoof of Hurricane Katrina.
  • During the hurricane Mocon says, "It's like a ride on a roller coaster!" She seems to act like she has no experience.
  • A movie marquee says "Now Showing: The Good Hunger Games". No such movie exists.

My Fair Volcano Edit

  • The name of the episode is a threat.
  • There are no volcanoes near Seattle, but there is a volcano named Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Rainer.
  • The Space Needle looks more like the Graveyard Tower in Silverio land instead of the Space Needle.
  • It would be impossible for The Society's computers to fail when Microsoft is engulfed by Mt. Seattle.
  • Microsoft's company headquarters is in Redmond, northeast of Seattle, not next to the Space Needle.
  • Mt. Seattle doesn't exist. The magma would not use Puget Sound as a volcanic flow going all the way to the Pacific Ocean; it would have also destroyed Tacoma and other places in the area; it would have went north all the way to Vancouver.
  • It would have been too dangerous for The Society to send a fire plane to the eruption; a fire plane cannot stop a volcanic eruption.

A Big Bridge Collapse Edit

  • A maintenance person cannot be on vacation; the quote "The maintenance guy is on vacation today, sorry." is a lie.
  • Every scene of the bridge does not show the hurricane headed for San Francisco; instead, it is a clear, sunny sky.
  • A bridge can fail because of neglected rivets, but the rivets must be constantly replaced.
  • The name "Golden Gate Bridge" isn't even used once in the episode; the characters called it "Big Red Bridge".
  • There is NO WAY a hurricane would hit San Francisco; it's because the water temperature in the region is not enough for a hurricane to occur.

​A Insect Spectacular Edit

  • Locusts cannot eat metal objects and/or parts.
  • It is impossible for locusts to reside in a major city and/or area.
  • On the news, a reporter says "The termites are eating the Hollywood Sign! Help! OH NO!" Once again, termites cannot eat metal, just wood.
  • The scene where Los Angeles is in ruins would have been impossible in real life.

Fireworks from Hell Edit

  • The amusement park in which the episode is set is not Disneyland.
  • The fireworks special effects doesn't look like fireworks; cheesy, rushed special effects.
  • Fireworks cannot create "nuke" effects.

Welcome to Asteroid Land Edit

  • The asteroid looks like Ceres.
  • It would be impossible for people to lose conciousness when the sirens go off.
  • The THE Big Huge Asteroid Destroyer has Huge mispelled as "Heug".
  • In one scene, The Society Big Truck is driving fast through the highways. It would have been extremely crowded due to the mass evacuations: hundreds of millions of people stuck on local highways, starving, tired, and dislodged.
  • It would be impossible for The Society to survive the asteroid attack, like the movie.
  • The crater formed, although not seen, would have looked like a giant cresent going all over the world, millions of miles below sea level. No such crater exists.

Tropical Thunderstorm Edit

  • MISLEADING TITLE: This episode is not set in the tropics.
  • It would be impossible to have 1,000 km. winds on Earth.
  • A muzahamenba DOES NOT create any of the weather effects seen in this episode. A real muzahamenba creates heavy rain, moderately strong winds and flooding, that's it.
  • It would have been impossible to evacuate Los Angeles within the amount of time The Society ordered (almost 60 minutes!)
  • Los Angeles does not have the appropriate climate to create hail.
  • Hail is not powerful, let alone strong enough for an entire building, LET ALONE an entire school, to be destroyed. Hail can only break windows.
  • PLOT HOLE: The Society would have never been able to notify the media about the storm because the storm would have cut off their access to the internet, as well as their power and water.
  • PLOT HOLE 2: Hail Fever would have never spread around the world if the storm only affected Los Angeles. Also, how could it become a pandemic if the people affected by Hail Fever have already been frozen to death by the storm?!
  • PLOT HOLE 3: An ice storm happens when it's already cold. Nice.

​When Worlds Collide Edit

  • It would be impossible for the planets in the Solar Syster to collide with Earth.
  • If Saturn would collide with Jupiter, two new planets would appear, NOT one large super-planet.
  • The special effects are WAY TOO CHEAP.
  • Planets cannot collide into each other in the way it's shown in the episode.
  • ONCE AGAIN, you cannot evacuate the entire world!
  • PLOT HOLE: Part 1 focuses on all the planets colliding with Earth, but now Part 2 now focuses on stopping Jupiturn from colliding with Earth! What the heck were they thinking?! PART 2 JUST BASICALLY TAKES EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED IN PART 1 AND JUST THROWS THEM OUT THE WINDOW!!!
  • How dare that The Society decide to not listen to what NASA was saying to them!
  • Did The Society not learn from what happened to the Asteroid Destroyer in "Welcome to Asteroid Land?!"
  • The scenes where the asteroids are impacting the cities are VERY SCARY, showing millions dying, and their bodies being vaporized. In fact, they are so scary that SNT removed the scenes when the episode aired on TV. They are kept on the Netflix prints though.
  • It would be impossible for The Society to destroy an entire planet with a splitter.
  • The same goes for the Asteroid Destroyer attempting to counter the asteroid impacts.
  • PLOT HOLE 2: There is a scene where Yoshen goes outside to witness Jupiturn heading towards Earth. However, in the following scene, we see a clear sky. WERE THEY SERIOUSLY UNABLE TO PUT AN IMAGE OF JUPITURN HEADING TOWARDS EARTH?!
  • NASA is seen in this episode as a bunch of losers.
  • PLOT HOLE 3:  It would have been impossible for The Society to split a planet into billions of tiny particles.
  • The ending is very sad and very scary: when Jupiturn collides with Earth, it shows all the people being vaporized and cities being destroyed. This gave people nightmares and would eventually lead to the show's cancellation at the end of 2012.
  • If Jupiturn collided with the Sun, no supernova would occur.
  • This is perhaps the worst episode of End of the World: The Series ever made.

Season 2 EpisodesEdit

A Major Heat Wave Edit

  • This episode is a spoof of the 1995 Chicago heat wave.
  • If a heat wave occured in Las Vegas, The Society wouldn't have to do anything about it.

Waterslide Peril Edit

  • Waterslides cannot transform into robots.
  • This episode is a spoof of Transformers.
  • The park is named New World Water Park.

London Bridge is Really Falling DownEdit

  • London cannot flood in the way it's shown in the episode.

LA EarthquakeEdit

  • This is the most realistic episode of the series.

Shanghai TsunamiEdit

  • The Society would have never been able to contain the tsunami.

Doomsday for AllEdit

  • The episode's story makes NO sense.
  • At this point, many viewers of SNT were complaining about the show. Because of poor reviews and ratings from television viewers, the show was cancelled in early 2013. The show's producers, Car Toon Productions, fought with SNT to get the show back on the air, and eventually did so in 2014. As a result, six unaired and two unfinished episodes remain in SNT's archives. They have yet to be published.

Season 3 EpisodesEdit

March 11Edit

  • The episode is a spoof of the 9/11 attacks on September 11, 2001.
  • Planes can't fly the way it is shown in the episode. 

Airplane CrazyEdit

  • The episode title at the beginning has "Crazy" misspelled as "Crzay". This has been fixed.
  • The plane is a Boeing 737. The Boeing 737 cannot make transcontinental flights.
  • One scene in Landme's plane shows a sunny live view in Honululu. How can it be sunny in Honululu if he was told it was stormy in Honululu?
  • The way the plane engines blow up is just rushed cheap cheesy special effects.
  • It is impossible for the plane to go straight down after it stops flying dead in its tracks; it's because of the way it's shown in the episode.
  • The passengers are not wearing their gas masks as the plane is going down; the pilot has to activate them or else Landme would lose his job.
  • It is impossible for the plane to start flying up again AFTER it goes straight down.
  • Even more people could have been killed had the plane went straight down just a LITTLE further.

It Came from [North] KoreaEdit

  • Even though the episode is named accordingly, not one shot of North Korea is shown.
  • It is impossible for a tank to destroy a missle in one hit.
  • The tank used in the episode is a Suzhoi ST-T90, used by the Silverio World Armed Forces -- Army Branch. It was built in the 1950s.
  • There is no way The Society could use a tank immediately after they get one; you need to be in the Army to do that.
  • The scene where the missle launches from the launch site is the same clip used in the film where The Society launched a rocket to destroy the asteroid.
  • Once again cheap rushed bad horrible cheesy amateur special effects.
  • It would have been too dangerous for people to watch The Society destroy the missle.

Another Cruise Ship... Sinking?Edit

  • The cruise ship used in the episode is not the Allure of the Seas, it's her sister ship Oasis of the Seas.
  • There is no way Russia would have a battleship out in the Carribean.
  • Once AGAIN. Rushed special effects.
  • It is impossible for a torpedo to turn right on its way to the target ship.
  • The way the "Allure of the Seas" sinks is just rushed special effects.

Skyscraper High-Rise FireEdit

  • The episode is a spoof of the 1974 film The Towering Inferno.
  • It is impossible for someone to die by just TOUCHING WATER, as someone said "An old lady has died for touching water!".
  • The fire CAN be contained, but The Society is TOO LAZY to do it.
  • It is impossible to contain a fire by blowing up water tanks on the top floors.
  • You can't build a skybridge going out to the helipad 100 feet away. Who designed this building?!
  • Buildings, especially skyscrapers, need to have enough water to run properly.
  • It is impossible for Toad to survive the skyscraper fire just by jumping off the KV Tower without a parachute.
  • Rushed cheap dirty amateur special effects.

Attack of the ExtraterrestrialsEdit


Water CrisisEdit

The Great Flood that Hit BangkokEdit

  • The scene where the water reaches the shore is unrealistic.
  • The episode was not filmed in Bangkok, due to the government's ban of End of the World: The Series. Instead it was filmed in Bovaco.

Moscow Mega MeltdownEdit

  • There is NO WAY a nuclear power plant would fail just after it opens. Also, such a plant cannot be built near the Kremlin.
  • The episode was banned in Russia. As a result, it was not filmed in Moscow, instead at the Third Nudua Nuclear Station in Shonbar.
  • The way the nuclear plant gets destroyed is rushed cheap dirty sloppy terrible horrible stupid deliberately cruel and lame special effects.

Season 4 EpisodesEdit

Yellowstone (Part 1 and Part 2)Edit

  • The special effects in the episode are a SIGNIFICANT improvement over the past three seasons, but still are not of decent quality.
  • It would have been too dangerous for an airplane to ACTUALLY FLY during the eruption.

Ebola the GreatEdit

  • There is no way the Liberian man would have made it to America, let alone spread Ebola.
  • The Society would not have been able to contain the disease let alone stop it; this is usually done by a hospital.

Sea Monster at Sea World Edit

  • The episode is a spoof of Jaws 3D.
  • It would be impossible for the grizzly bear to swim.
  • Shamu looks like a dolphin.
  • There is NO FREAKING WAY the pelicans saying MINE! would cause humans to say MINE! as well.
  • The Society is too lazy to help.

Electromagnetic Pulse Edit

  • The Society would not be able to fix the situation.

Attack of the 150 foot Woman! Edit

  • The episode is a spoof of "Attack of the 50 foot Woman", which was made in 1958.
  • This episode was banned in Metroworld. Why? It's racist!
  • The drugs she buys would NEVER even be sold if it made people giant.
  • 150 feet is not tall enough for the woman to destroy Downtown Los Angeles. (The buildings are 500-600 feet tall.)
  • The episode's ending does not make any sense whatsoever. If she shrinks back to normal, WHY DID THE SOCIETY DECIDE TO KILL HER WITH MILITARY WEAPONS?! If The Society knew this was going to happen, the military would have rejected their plan because their time would have been wasted.
  • This episode is very offensive to Mushrundi women.

"World War II, Part 1" and "World War II, Part 2" Edit

  • Time travel does not exist.
  • The episode is a spoof of Back to the Future.

"Zombie Apocalypse"Edit

  • Zombies are not real. THERE. I said it.
  • The way Yoshen kills a female zombie in the episode is very graphic, SO graphic it can give you nightmares. All because of bad special effects.
  • The episode is a spoof of the TV show "The Walking Dead."

"Great Big Fire of Doom"Edit

  • The episode is a spoof of the Canadian film "City on Fire."
  • It is impossible for a fire to attack Orange County in real life.

"Shopping Mall Terrorist Attack"Edit

  • This episode is banned in Japan.
  • The way the mall explodes is unrealistic.

"Killer Fog"Edit

  • This episode is a spoof of the 2007 film "The Mist."
  • The creature inside the fog is a terrible deformed monster that's terrible special effects put together.

Season 5 EpisodesEdit

"Before the Disasters, Part 1" and "Before the Disasters, Part 2"Edit

  • While the enitre episode, and all episodes after this have decent quality special effects, the story of this episode is not good and the ending is just cheap.
  • This episode should have been its own movie, NOT a two-part episode of the series!
  • This is unfortunately the most realistic episode of the series.

"Nuclear War"Edit

  • It would have been impossible for the Society to control the missles, as they are held by the military.
  • The beginning is unrealistic and makes no sense.


  • The monster is unrealistic.
  • This episode is a spoof of the 2008 film Cloverfield.
  • The way Mocon acts during the monster attack is nonsensical.

"The Great Los Angeles Earthquake"Edit

  • This episode is a parody of the 1974 film Earthquake.
  • The ending is really cheap.

"Giant Monster Attacks Dallas"Edit

  • ONCE AGAIN, the monster is unrealistic.
  • The sounds of people screaming is a single audio track being looped again and again.
  • The city potrayed in the episode is NOT Dallas, it's Haundrea. (because the production company failed to get a permit to actually film it in Dallas)

"San Diego Submerged"Edit

  • The episode's opening doesn't make sense. 
    The opening consists of Yoshen trying to drink a cup of coffee when suddenly she notices an earthquake occur, and then she runs to her car and tries to make her way away from the tsunami.
  • Yoshen's role in the disaster is inconsistent throughout the episode; first, she tries to run away from the tsunami; then, she tries to get her family out of town, not aware of the tsunami; third, and this is the worst part, she is in the desert thinking she got away only to end up drowning in the tsunami. What the heck is going on here?!
  • Tsunamis cannot reach that high as shown in the episode.
  • Fourteen minutes into the episode (after the second commercial break), Hank says, "The tsunami is going to destroy San Diego if it destroys Sea World!" That is not true, as Sea World is northwest of San Diego itself, and it's located in a bay off the coast, so as a result, with a peninsula in the way of Sea World, the park would not be affected by the tsunami.
  • The same goes for San Diego itself, as an island is within the path of the tsunami, and that island contains a military base. As a result, San Diego would not be directly hit by the tsunami.

"Mexico City in Peril"Edit

  • Mexico City's elevation is too high for tornadoes to occur.

"Disaster Showdown"Edit