Product name

Delta PlataTron

Developed by

Delta Corporation

Release Dates

April 1, 2010 (SIL)
February 3, 2010 (USA & CAN)


3D TV set

Screen size

55" to 70"

Place of origin

Silverio World


SP 5,000
$ 799.99
¥ 24,000
€ 15,000

The Delta PlataTron (Silverish:Plastas Tron le Delta) is a line of three-dimensional television sets currently being produced by Delta.


The Delta PlataTron was unveiled on August 8, 2008 at the Delta World Press. At the conference, Delta Corporation asked to see what three-dimensional televison looks like. The concept showed a TV with thin buttons and wireless cables. On November 9, 2009, Delta looked at the final design. The new design shows an IMAX-like screen.


PlataTron (original PlataTron 3D PlataTron (Bright & Vivid)
Released January 4, 2010 January 4, 2011 March 11, 2012
Processor SPC sch900000 SPC sch-920450 SPC sch-9550
Screen Resolution

1920x1080 (46" to 72")

1280x720 (32" to 46")

1920x1080 (46" to 72")

1280x720 (32" to 46")

3840x2160 (46" to 72")

2560x1440 (32" to 46")

Operating System Delta TV OS 6.1 Delta TV OS 16.2 Delta TV OS 17.1


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