Boca Pictures
Boca Pictures widescreen


1918 (As Boca Bros. Camera Shop)
1926 (As Soldinan Pictures)
1934 (as Boca Pictures)


Filming cameras


Silverio World

Notable production(s)

Planet Silverio Attacks!
Hydra II
Oseoka series
Athol animated films

Sister Divisions

Athol Films (animated family movies)
Whitehorse Films (secondary studios)
Crown Films (arthouse)


1301 South Central Road, Silverio land, SCT, Silverio World PKL 305 (MovieWorld)

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Planet Silverio Attacks!

Boca-Soldinan Films Pictures Production Co Ltd. (Silverish: Soldinae-Boca de Follens el Productionara del Pictoros Co Lileten) commonly shortened as Boca Pictures, is a Silverish entertainment company headquarted in ParkLand, Silverio land, Silverio Capital Region, Silverio World, on the MovieWorld studio backlot. The studio was established in 1926 as Soldinan Films, but the other side of the company began as a camera store named Boca Brothers Camera Store in 1916.