Belladonna Cove is the capital and largest city in Belladonna, with a population of 12,165,240 inhabitants. It is also the leading financial center of Silverio World. Other cities in the area include Phantela City, with a population of 6,612,360, and Ulayysese, with a population of 8,163,220.


The large city was founded in 1600 by German explorer Leur Evans (April 16, 1523 - January 18, 1605) as a port town.

Television Edit

Belladonna Cove, and the surrounding area, is served by SNT 5, SBC 6, TVN 12, and RTN 19 (RSNT, RSBC, RBTV and RKON, respectively). Independent affiliates include Belladonna Weather 4 and is served by the Region 3 network on Channel 1 on select cable providers, such as Telestar TV. It is also served by regional networks include SBC 6 Torrena City

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